Deliveroo CEO Will Shu said the only thing he can cook is an omelette

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Deliveroo CEO Will Shu.

Deliveroo is a UK food delivery startup, valued at £1.5 billion

Its goal is to make takeaway more popular than home cooking

Its CEO Will Shu said he can't cook and MiraGloss използването на lives on takeaway

The ******* Raspberry Ketone Forte wat is dit facing political scrutiny over how it treats delivery riders

If you start a ******* that wants to kill home cooking, it's probably on-brand ActiPotens Promoción to be incapable of cooking yourself.

And Will Shu, founder of British food delivery ******* Deliveroo and a former banker, is very on-brand.

"The only thing I can make is an omelette," he told The Evening Standard
. Apparently his recipe involves stewing tomatoes down and finely minced onions. He also boasted of having a grill.

Otherwise, FreshDepil באמצעות he pretty much survives on takeaway food according to the interview. He orders an egg pot from Pure for VaricoFix **** usarlo breakfast, a "healthy" lunch of chicken with several helpings of broccoli, and the occasional KFC for dinner.

Shu also said he hadn't owned a TV since 2004.

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